Thursday, 8 March 2007

Less is more, perhaps?

Okay. Yesterday I decided to abandon the wordy sales page due to no improvement in the rate of direct referrals. So, I virtually went back to the original, minimal design, but I've retained a few bullet points that summarise how Agloco members will be paid and I think I improved the headline.

Well, it could be a fluke, and I don't want to get too excited just yet (been there, done that, got the T-shirt, etc.) but I picked up 2 new direct referrals since I implemented the changes. I don't recall picking up 2 directs in such a short time before. And it had been quite a few days since the last direct signed up.

Anyway, here's the current situation. 27 in total, consisting of 15 directs and 12 extendeds. Only 3 newbies so far this month and they're all directs. Let's hope my recent changes make a difference.

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Trying the email approach ...

Well, it seems my network has been sleeping recently. Today, it's up to 24 in total, consisting of 12 directs and 12 extendeds. Still creeping up, but I think it needs an adrenaline shot. As a result, I've changed my Agloco sales page to provide a more wordy explanation in the hope of getting some more directs through there. You can see it here:

Join Agloco

I'm also starting to spread the word via email, focusing on friends and co-workers. Here's an example of an explanatory email I sent today:

"On the subject of making money, I thought you might be interested in this. Have you heard of Agloco? Basically, it's an online community that once you join, actually rewards you for 5 hours of your surfing time each month with cash and shares in the company. It's free to join, and the beauty is that if people join under you, you get rewarded for their surfing time too and like viral marketing systems, you could end up with a huge network beneath you. One member directly referred 100 people and now has over 17,000 in his network!

"About 100,000 new pages devoted to Agloco are appearing on Google each week, so it's spreading like wild fire and people are predicting it will be the new YouTube, but one that actually shares its success with its members. The idea is that the members will own 100% of the shares in the company and it will float on the London AIM (Alternative Investment Market) in one or two years time.

"The people behind Agloco have actually done this before in the late nineties. They were called and they paid out millions (about $120 million) to their members. But the company went under when the tech bubble burst and they hadn't kept back enough money to stay afloat. Apparently, they've learned their lesson which is why they're now going to pay in shares as well as cash.

"Here's my "sales" page for you to read more about how it works:

"You can join under me on that page or you can go directly to here to join:

"If you join, you'll get a link like the one above with your own member code (mine's BBBM9388).

"It's still in the Beta testing phase right now, so no one is actually earning money or shares right now. But it's becoming more famous, so now is a good time to build up your network via email, word of mouth, etc. They aim to be ready in a few weeks time.

"I've got 24 in my network - 12 direct referrals and 12 extended. Will you be no.25? :)

"Let me know if you have any questions."

I think it does a pretty good job of explaining things. Anyway, this is a new approach for me, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Give me some inspiration.

Well, I'm currently at 19 Agloco referrals in total. I'm a bit disappointed, as it looks like I'm actually gaining around 1 a day as opposed to the 2 I'd recently thought. And the last 2 recruits have been extended referrals. While I believe it's the extended referrals that eventually win the day for network totals (see the example below for evidence of that), I'd still like to see my direct referrals continue to go up, as it reassures me that my Agloco promotion efforts are still working.

Since I was feeling a bit low about my Agloco referral slow-down, I felt I needed some inspiration. So, I looked around the various blogs and found this uplifting pep-talk from one of the big hitters, McCall, who has managed to obtain an amazing Agloco network of over 16,000 members, only 100 of which were direct referrals through his own promotion efforts.

"I am a Founding Member in AGLOCO and so can you be one. I assume most (but not all) people who get to this blog have already joined AGLOCO (if not - do it now - takes less than two minutes – then come back and finish this).

"Being a member of AGLOCO is a good start, but to be a true Founder, you have to ‘stick your neck out’. (It is like registering to vote – it is a start, but to really influence the world you have to not only vote, but talk to people about the issues you really care about.)

"AGLOCO is the same way. To really be a Founding Member, you have to talk to your friends about AGLOCO. And not just about joining. But about them really becoming Founding Members as well and ‘sticking their necks out’. It is the only way AGLOCO will grow effectively – by organic growth – member to new member.

"People often ask how I got so many referrals. Well I only found 100. That 100 found the other 16,000. The AGLOCO system works. But you have to make it work. (oh some day it will be easy to recruit for AGLOCO, but that day is not here yet and in my opinion it will not be easy until sometime in 2008.)

"You want a clear message on how to get to 16,000 in the next 90 days?

"This week get 10 friends (I know that you have more than ten people you know that the AGLOCO Revolution is right for). AND most importantly convince them to each get 10 referrals the next week (and check in with them to ‘help’ them get their ten - and it will quickly multipy). Tell them they are causing the revolution. Yes, you and they could end up making lots of money too. But for me, I did not join AGLOCO for the money and I do not write this blog for it either.

"Harold says I will make more than $1 million from AGLOCO – I will be excited with a great dinner out with my wife. I believe the AGLOCO revolution is the right thing to happen to the Internet. Looking at all the YouTube money just convinced me more."

If you're inspired by this, as I am, and you haven't yet joined Agloco, get on-board now by clicking below.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

My prediction was right, so far ...

Today I am up by 2 more referrals. So, I'm still on track to be gaining 2 referrals a day as I predicted. But it's early days. The new recruits are actually extended referrals. I'm hoping this trend continues, as it seems to be the way the top guns have built up their gargantuan Agloco networks. One of them is up by 900+ since yesterday! Hopefully mine too will start multiplying like bacteria.

Up until now, I've been writing under the assumption that everyone is already familiar with Agloco. But it occurred to me that there might be some readers of this blog who are still in the dark about Agloco's vision. So, I thought I'd finish today's entry by providing the following excerpt from the official Agloco blog to explain its concept.

"Many of us are familiar with online social networks, such as MySpace and Facebook, as well as online professional networks, like LinkedIn and Doostang. These networks are based around communities communicating with one another in the personal (social) or professional environment.

"AGLOCO is an Economic Network. An Economic Network is based on similar roots, but also adds the driving principle that individuals who have joined together as a group can be economically stronger than the individuals alone.

"This is the driving principal behind any group trying to become stronger by joining forces: business groups (like trade associations and the Chamber of Commerce), countries (like the formation of NAFTA and the EU), or people (like labor unions and buying co-ops).

"For individuals it is simple. They can demand more from the entities that had been controlling them and finally achieve the power they deserve. Much like segments of the labor force saw they were being exploited 100 years ago, today we see the Internet consumer being economically exploited by many Internet companies. AGLOCO wants to change that.

"Individual Internet Users are already creating value all over the Internet, and only now are they coming together as Members of AGLOCO to claim that value. The purpose of an economic network is for the Members to acquire as much of the value they create as possible, and they shouldn’t have to change their Internet usage behavior to get it.

"This is the whole basis for creating this company. The Internet holds many unique and valuable ways for individuals to “interact with each other and with groups.” Wikipedia is showing this with free access to information on the Internet. AGLOCO can accomplish the same thing with free access to value created on the Internet."

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

"I love Agloco!"

As it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd launch this blog by announcing to the world, "I love Agloco!"

There, I've done it. Now everyone's gonna know. But I'm not embarrassed (well, maybe a little) because if this all works out and you're one of the active, referring members like me, there will be some very good reasons to love Agloco. Lots of paper and metal spendable ones, hopefully.

I've been a member of Agloco since 11th January 2006. I found out about it purely by accident, but I became convinced that it had good potential for making money. The concept of being awarded shares in Agloco and cash simply for recruiting new members and surfing five hours a month with the viewbar was irresistible to me.

I've since tried to make up for lost time (a couple of months, I believe) by doing whatever I can to refer new members to my network. However, my efforts are currently limited to online promotion via my website:

Here are my two main recruiting pages:


Amazingly, the latter is starting to rank quite nicely in the search engines. It's currently at no.5 in the UK Yahoo and Google when searching for the term: "making money agloco".

With only 15 referrals in my network (11 direct and 4 extended) I'm certainly not one of the big boys yet. But I've noticed a dramatic increase in the sign-up rate since last Friday, when I only had 8 referrals in total. From recruiting approx. 1 new referral a week, I'm hopeful I've now got to around 2 a day. I'm quite excited about this, but time will tell.

Anyway, this blog is intended to provide an account of my somewhat modest recruiting effort, as well as occasionally reflect on the goings on in the ever-expanding Agloco community. And hopefully one day I'll be able to report that I am actually making money with Agloco.

Show your love for Agloco (and me, if you like) by clicking on the logo below and signing up to my network. Remember, it's better to get on-board as a referrer during these early days before the viewbar is actually released, as there'll be far more competition once that comes out. They're hoping to bring it out in March, so there's no time to lose.